Oil Changes

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Having all the parts of the engine lubricated allows avoiding it wearing down, preserving it from future breakdowns and guarantying its good functioning.

The oil forms a lubricating layer between the parts of the engine, reducing its wear and ensuring good maintenance of the vehicle. The engine oil helps keep the engine clean because it carries impurities. It also favors the cooling of the motor, since it lubricates rings, pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, etc., preserving an optimal operating temperature.

It is advisable to carry out a periodic check on its level and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you circulate with oil in poor condition there will be an abnormal operation of the vehicle that can cause wear on the internal parts of the engine. These spare parts of the car are subjected to such a demanding performance, that you could cause a breakdown that forces to replace the entire engine block, with the enormous expense that it would entail.

Perform a visual check of the oil level every 3,000 km.
Respect the deadlines and the maximum kilometers of each oil by type, vehicle and benefits.
Always keep in mind the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Do not mix different car oils or fluids; you could cause an alteration in their properties.
Do not skimp. The higher the quality of the oil, the greater the guarantee for a good maintenance for your vehicle.
Change the filter every time you change the oil.

At Romita Automotive we offer you a fluids change to keep the good health of your car. With the most responsible, knowledgeable team, and the latest technology to service your car or small truck, we will give your vehicle the good treatment it deserves. At Romita Automotive, our goal is trust.


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