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One of the most important auto parts for the good mechanical functioning of a car is the radiator; a basic component to maintain the optimal temperature of the engine when it is working and the car is running at full speed. But this element usually presents some problems associated with other parts of the cooling system, of which it is a part.

The engine has an internal combustion chamber (per cylinder) where explosions are constantly generated as soon as the vehicle is started. this produces a large quantity of heat that must be dissipated, a task that is fulfilled by the radiator, a heat exchanger that transfers thermal energy from one side to another to cool and heat, so it is a fundamental part of the temperature system. It depends on it that the propeller works at the right temperatures and does not overheat. Therefore, its proper functioning is not only important but vital.

The radiator is composed of a group of copper tubes, two tanks (upper and lower) where the coolant is stored, a fan, a honeycomb where the liquid is cooled and a high-pressure cap. 

All these elements work in conjunction with the thermostat, a piece connected between the radiator and the engine block that functions as a refrigerant manager. While the engine does not reach its proper temperature, it remains closed to prevent the ingress of the liquid. Then, it opens to maintain the necessary heat in the propeller.

To keep the radiator’s good health, it is important to use a quality coolant, as well as conducting a performance test to see how the radiator is working.

At Romita Automotive we check your radiator and test it to see if it is working properly, and if it is not, we have the best tools and professionals to deeply revise your cooling and heating system.

Engine Cooling System

Did you know that overheating is the most common cause of mechanical breakdowns on the road? And that overheating can cause severe damage to the engine and the transmission? Maintaining your vehicle’s radiator, fluids and cooling system are essential to keeping your vehicle on the road. Coolant protects your engine from overheating and from freezing. The coolant’s effectiveness can diminish over time and lose many of its protective properties, causing your radiator to rust and corrode. The cooling system itself can get clogged with built-up deposits.

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