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The Check Engine light on the dashboard is part of the on-board diagnostic system (OBD) and can mean many things such as a loose fuel cap or even a serious engine failure. Whenever there is a problem detected, the computer of the system registers the flaw in a code inside its memory and then it is read through a scanner.

In general, the Check Engine light denotes problems in the powertrain that can affect the emission system of the vehicle. These are some issues that could be represented on the light:

The fuel tank was filled while the car was running or the tank has little fuel.
There is some perforated or broken hose, or a plug was not properly placed.
The car has electrical problems.
Malfunction of a sensor.
It is necessary an urgent revision of the vehicle.
A certain amount of unburned fuel is leaking into the exhaust, where it can quickly damage the catalytic converter.

Some vehicles have 2 lights, a yellow one to prevent failures, an orange or red one, to warn when the car has a fault that requires urgent attention. In some other check engine lights, the light is continuous when it is not to worry but it should be reviewed as soon as possible or fixed to show an urgent problem.

In some cases, the computers compensate for the problem of the car but the performance of the vehicle will be affected and more fuel will be consumed and therefore higher pollution level.

At Romita Automotive we perform a complete and comprehensive on-board diagnostic system with the most advanced equipment and the most knowledgeable professionals to diagnose the problems of your car or light truck, fast and accurately.

The noise you hear coming out from your car’s engine is ominous. Something’s going on under the hood, and from the sound of things, it isn’t good and even at this level, we can still help you fix your engine !!

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