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The air conditioning system of a vehicle combines a cooler and a heater to adjust the temperature and humidity of the vehicle’s interior air to keep you comfortable all the time. While it acclimates the temperature inside the car, it also eliminates impurities such as dust and pollen.

The air conditioning of a car works just like a refrigerator, where gas is compressed by a compressor, and then let decompress. As it becomes gas again, it absorbs temperature in the area, achieving values lower than 0 ° C, which reaches the interior of the car through a fan.

The difference between the circuit and the cooler is that when there are vibrations and movements between the connected parts, it is necessary to use rubber hoses, through which pores can leak if the gas has not circulated for a long time.

Any vehicle air conditioning system employs 4 basic parts; a mechanical compressor driven by the vehicle engine; an expansion valve which is a restriction to where the compressor pumps; and 2 heat exchangers; the evaporator and the condenser. Also, the refrigerant flowing through the system is required.

The coolant used for your vehicle A/C must be a liquid with a low boiling point to make practical use of the heat transfer that occurs when a liquid evaporates. Only specialized workshops can recharge this fluid. The specialists recommend an annual cleaning of the radiator and the condenser with air pressure, but in case of traveling many kilometers, the checks should be made more often.

If you need to install, check, maintain, or repair your A/C, we have anything you need to make it at Romita Automotive, where we have A/C specialists who know everything there is to know, and more, about this important element for your comfort inside your car or truck.

If you’ve ever had a climate control problem in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can become, especially in the warmer months. If your AC system isn’t giving you the relief you need, then we invite you to contact our experienced auto repair professionals at Romita Automotive today for service.

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