The “Real” Guys Behind Building Dreams

Valentin and Misael are local folks raised here in Fresno, California. Both, at the age of 13, shared a true American story- each came to the U.S in hopes of a better future. Their lower-middle-class upbringing turned into success in real estate through sound values, hard work, and dedication. Until this day, the two pals have remained friends and business partners who enjoy everything Fresno and California’s Central Valley has to offer – hiking Yosemite, camping, lighting the grill, and enjoying summer backyard BBQs – just to name a few!

The Beginning of Inspiration

With a combined 25 years of real estate experience, we set out to be positive in every aspect of our real estate transactions. The first thing we wanted to accomplish, was to improve our local neighborhoods. By fixing up the vacant, vandalized, and distressed homes and giving them a second life – adding quality finishes. We sell at a fair price! We want to build a lasting reputation for excellence within our community. Our mission is to help and treat all the folks we do business with fairness and respect – to create win-win situations, always. We’d have it no other way!

Buying Fresno

It all starts with YOU! Folks like yourself need to sell your home, but for many reasons cannot (or do not) have the time/resources to list with an agent. No, you need to sell your house FAST and for CASH. Do you have a house that needs BIG repairs? Having trouble keeping up with mortgage payments? Do you have a home that’s recently inherited? We have built a reputation for solving unique problems such as (but not limited to):

What we do:

Differed Maintenance Homes Unable to Qualify for Traditional Sale/Loan

Homes in distressed conditions do not comply with the strict underwriting guidelines of most lenders; therefore, buyers are ineligible to secure a loan to purchase a home.

Short Sales

Do you owe more than what your home is worth? We can facilitate a short sale and/or refer you to the appropriate professionals.


Are you behind on your mortgage payments? We understand life happens. Avoid the negative implications, such as the bank foreclosing on the home and leaving you with a hit to your credit.

Fire and Water Damage (Insurance Claims)

Do you have a property that has been through fire, smoke, or water damage? Do you have the deed of reconveyance? Give us a call and we will buy the property as soon as you need us to.

Inherited Properties/Probate

First, we understand the difficult times that an individual must face with the death of a loved one. The entire process is draining and complicating. We want to assist with what is a difficult situation and provide you with our experience of navigating through this process.

Bad Tenants/Landlords

Have you built up a rental portfolio and would like to liquidate some assets? Is it getting difficult to manage that rental house from out of town? And property management is just not cutting it? Enough with chasing down the rent checks! Call us and cash out.


Hey, not-so-fun-fact, about over 50% of married couples have been down that road. In those difficult times of asset division, we can eliminate the drag-out time process by offering a fair price and a fast close. We are not the solution for everybody, but WE ARE the best solution for most people who are in any of the above-specified situations. A “traditional” home in good condition is a great option for listing with a real estate broker. However, being in a unique situation where the property just does not conform to traditional standards requires professional cash buyers who can make things happen, FAST.

Leaving an Impact

At the sale of each house we ‘imprint’ the corner of the driveway with the above plaque. The significance behind this:

1. Sellers are treated fairly
2. Rehab work is quality and done with pride
3. New homeowners will create memories in their new home
4. Leaving neighborhoods much more improved than before

Our mission is to cover as many properties as possible (in the cities of Fresno and Clovis) with our signature “seal of excellence” inscription.

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