Easiest Way To Sell Your House In 3 EZ Steps to Get Cash for Your Home in 7 Days

Step 1: SUBMIT INFO 1-2 Days

The easiest way to sell your house is easier than you think. Do you need to sell your home? Would you like to know what your home is worth? If the answer to those questions is yes! Take the first steps by submitting your info in the form on this page. Next, get your free consultation, and a free property market report. Also, choose to get your written cash offer.

How does it work?

  Tell Us About Your Property

Answer a few questions using our secure portal. No sensitive data is needed

 We Follow up

With a quick phone consultation presenting options and solutions that will help you.

  We Generate Your FREE “Market Data Report”

We get to know you and your property, we generate a free Market Data Report, and present it at our property review date.

Step 2: PROPERTY REVIEW 3-4 Days

In this step, we come out and meet with you unless you are out of town, or are unable to meet. Next, we will take the “grand tour” of your property, and give you your FREE market data report, then present to you a written all-cash offer (without any obligations).

How does it work?

  We View Your Home

We view your home at an arranged time. We give you Free market data report containing: comparable, stats, and more.

  Establish (agree upon) Price and Close Date

You choose the date, and have us get your money within 7 days!

  Review Offer

We present and review with you your written offer without any obligations, and answer your questions.

  Assistance & Support

We are here to help you with moving expenses, and temporary housing cost. Anything that makes the process easy for you!

No worries about the condition or the state of your house. You DO NOT need to fix leaky pipes or even lift a broom- we will buy your house just the way it is! If I accept the offer, what is next?


Congratulations, you are almost there! After the agreed-upon price and closing date with an acceptance of offer, now the fun part -getting YOUR money! Having our real estate license allows us to work with a highly professional and ethical real estate team, this is going to be a smooth process. REMEMBER you get the benefits of working with licensed real estate professionals without ever having to pay a commission!

How does it work?

  Opening Escrow

We “open” escrow with a local and reputable escrow/title company, and provide you with the escrows number and information for you to contact, and follow up.

  Secure a Deposit

Within 72 hours after signing the purchase agreement, we deposit the cash funds (that are agreed upon) into the escrow account.

  Signing Documents

Signing Docs- You may choose to attend the official closing of escrow or come in on your own time. If you are out of the area, the documents can be delivered overnight to wherever you are to be signed, and notarized. We will accommodate your busy schedule!

  Get Paid

Within the agreed upon close date, the Escrow/Title company will have your check$ for you to pick up or wire it into your bank account and we will pick up the keys- It’s just that easy! Essentially the easiest way to sell your house in Fresno! If you have any futher questions , then please feel free to contact us or read our FAQ.

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